Monday, March 1, 2010

oh, hello friend's lovely package exchange

Last year, I started to see these pictures on people's blogs of absolutely amazing packages they had sent and received as part of some exchange. I was both enamored and sad. Enamored because I love getting packages in the mail and I love beautiful packaging. And sad because I missed out on it. So, for the past 6 months or so, I've been faithfully reading every post on oh, hello friend so that I wouldn't miss the next exchange. And this morning, my patience was finally rewarded!! I signed up for oh, hello friend's latest lovely package exchange this morning, and there are still spots left! Danni is accepting 350 participants, and when I last checked, there were about 125 signed up. If you're interested, click on the logo below to see the details!


  1. I missed this by about an hour!! I really wanted to do it too.
    ps, your etsy shop is lovely!

  2. I signed up for it too! I was so excited to hear that Danni was doing this again. Can't wait!