Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabric Flowers, 3 Ways

Is it just me, or are fabric flowers all the rage right now? From bunting to jewelry to embellished sweaters and tees, fabric flowers are the decoration du jour. If you are the crafty type--or if you, like me, are on a budget this year--why not try your hand at making some.

**FYI--I made all of these flowers while watching TV. Probably CSI: Miami, but I can't be positive.

Type 1: The Rolled Rosette

I made these quick and easy blossoms following THIS great tutorial from Made By The Mama Monster. Here are my thoughts:
--cute and whimsical
--very easy, very quick
--requires almost no skill and no sewing whatsoever
--held together with hot glue
--the hot glue is really hard to hide (or maybe I just need to practice more!)

Type 2: The Frayed Flower

This was my first foray into fabric flower creation. I followed THIS tutorial from Maize in Montana. Thoughts:
--very pretty and pretty easy
--requires hand sewing, but the hand sewing is easy
--no hot glue at all, so your flower won't fall apart on a hot day!

Type 3: The Hand-Cut, Hand-Stitched Petals

This third type of flower takes the most time, but they are soooooo pretty. Really, really pretty. Kind of the Grande Dame of fabric flowers. I followed THIS tutorial by Michonne for 100 Layer Cake.
--obviously, absolutely beautiful results
--lots of hand sewing, with a little hot glue just at the very end
--each petal is hand-cut and hand-stitched, but there isn't anything particularly hard about making these
--unlike the other two types, these can look vastly different from each other

So there's my little review in a nutshell! Go buy some fabric, find a good show on TV, and make a few lovely accessories for yourself! I'd love to see your results!


  1. My mom and I were just talking about making fabric flowers. I'm going to send this on to her, thank you!

  2. Now I REALLY wish I knew how to sew.

    I will dream of these pretties for evermore!!!

  3. Oh, these are all adorable! Thanks for rounding them up! Now if only I had time to actually make one...

  4. These are beautiful! There's something I just love about the little fraying ends. Just charming.