Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Color Week: Burnt Sienna

the top half of the chimenea we bought at the coast last year, the bottom half of which literally went up in flames

thyme and rosemary--the only herbs I have ever successfully grown in our backyard; this is three years worth of growth you're looking at!

our japanese maple just beginning to change colors as the weather cools down


  1. Oh I so love Japanese maple trees, they are so vibrant but delicate. Your photo is such a good flash of fall, well done! Not many fall colours at the moment here where we live so am having to be creative with this week of colours.

  2. I have managed to kill rosemary :) Parsley and mint seem to be my limit. That maple looks beautiful.

  3. that maple is absolutely gorgeous! beautiful photos. cheers to fall color week!

  4. I have struggled to grow herbs too!! I used to have a window box, I watered it lovingly and there were green things growing in it...I was most proud till a green fingered friend came over took one look at my window box and roared with laughter!! No herbs had survived but the weeds were sprouting beautifully!!


  5. too bad about your chimenea. :(

    I love japanese maples, too.

  6. I have that EXACT chimenea. Did you get it in Newport? I wanted the owl one but they were out...the fish is quite charming though. Sorry about his lower half! :(