Monday, September 21, 2009

Color Week: Brick Red

Quite a while ago, I stumbled across a collection of blogs that were all participating in a magical thing called "Color Week". I've been waiting ever since for another Color Week to come along so that I could join in the fun. And it's finally here! And I'm first on the list posted at Elsie Marley! And I can't find anything Brick Red to photograph! So here is a picture of a September wreath I made on September 1st. I have summer wreaths, and I have Halloween wreaths, but I wanted something to bridge the gap. Apples and pencils seemed like the perfect thing, and I do believe those apples are brick red. Enjoy!


  1. Ooooh that is beautiful!! I love the idea of adding pencils :-)

    (I think I may have cheated slightly on the Brick red bit but hey, bricks can be lot of different colours right :-D)


  2. I love it! So cute...I've never seen one with apples.

  3. September wreath hey? Cool idea - like the apples.