Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Long

Well, readers, I have news for you:  after nearly 3 years of blogging here on Max & Ellie, we are officially signing off. :( But we're not fading into the ether; we're just moving! I (Melissa) started another blog, Lulu the Baker, before I ever started blogging here, and keeping up two blogs is just too much, and has been for a while. Which basically explains why posts on Max & Ellie have been few and far between lately.

Our Etsy shop will still be open and we'll still be blogging all of the same things--crafts, projects, etc. We just won't be posting it here.  So please come visit us at Lulu the Baker for all of the posts you love plus MORE--like a Max & Ellie Little Chef Apron Give-Away! Go now!

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