Monday, September 6, 2010

Annie's Big 3-0!

I have a good excuse for my lack of posts in the past few weeks: a fabulous 30th birthday party that needed to be planned and executed. A few months ago, my friend Annie mentioned that she wanted to throw herself a big bash for her upcoming 30th birthday. Of course I couldn't let her do all the work--and have all the fun--herself, so I volunteered to help.

The party sounded great on paper: white globe lights strung over long tables in the middle of a field; fresh-picked flowers and candles dotting the table runner; fresh seafood, bubbly drinks, and homemade dessert. But it didn't come together until literally 30 minutes before the guests arrived, so it was one of those times when I wasn't sure if it was going to be spectacular or a giant flop! And then, magically, it was beyond gorgeous. Friends arrived, we all chatted, feasted, and most of all, wished a very happy birthday to our very special friend.

The birthday girl, her belly, and some sweet potato fries

I meant to get pictures of each couple, but this is the only one I actually took!

Guests admiring the lovely setting

Even better after dark, under the globe lights and stars, of which we could see millions!

Everyone playing an Annie Trivia game

Jake serenading his wife with a sweet, acoustic love song surprise

For more details, tune in throughout the week!!

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  1. The whole party looks absolutely amazing. Great job!