Monday, August 2, 2010

Smart-Spice Review and Give-Away!!

I'm excited to introduce everyone to a great product today: Smart Spice. Smart Spice offers 16 different organic spices in pre-measured, individually sealed 1-teaspoon packets. You can use what you need, and the rest of your spices stay protected from light, air, and moisture, the enemies of freshness. The spices have a wonderful, stone-ground texture, and lovely aromas and flavors. And the makers of Smart Spice are generously giving away one entire set of 16 spices! If you're the oh-so-lucky winner, you'll receive a box containing four 1-teaspoon packets of each of 16 commonly-used spices, everything from Basil to Thyme. To read my full product review, get recipes, and most of all, TO ENTER THE GIVE-AWAY, click HERE!

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