Sunday, July 11, 2010

Craft Camp: Felt Flower Headbands and Vintage Felt Brooches

Sorry for the long absence; our computer has been sick for many, many months and we finally just had to wipe it clean and start afresh. And that takes so much longer than it should!

So, back to craft camp. On our fourth day, we had lots of fun with felt. The first project involved these adorable felt flower headbands.

They couldn't have been easier to make, and regardless of how wonky some of the girls' flowers looked, all of the headbands were just precious. The idea and instructions came from a fantastic, relatively new craft blog, eighteen25. You can find photos and step-by-step instructions HERE.

Our second project--also involving felt--was these cute felt brooches with vintage buttons. I provided the girls with lots of wool-blend felt, hot glue, buttons, bar pins, and a few cardboard templates, and they went to town. Here are some of my favorites:

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