Monday, January 18, 2010

Melissa's Brown Paper Package

I feel like a crumb-bum for not posting these pictures sooner! I decided to host the Brown Paper Package Exchange last year because, well, I like to get packages in the mail (don't we all!). My partner, Chantelle, sent me the sweetest, most thoughtful package.

Such beautiful wrapping! This is what I had in mind for the gifts I sent. If I showed you a picture, you would see just how far off the mark my wrapping was! Seriously, it bore no resemblance to the gorgeous wrapping on the gifts from Chantelle!

Gorgeous wrapping that doubles as a headband!

I haven't figured out yet which outfit to wear this with for maximum impact, but I'm on the look-out.

A jar of Chantelle's grandma's homemade apple butter. I love apple butter. It is one of my favorite condiments. I actually got a spoon out and took a big bite of this as soon as I opened it!

A beautiful necklace that I put on immediately and have worn many times since. It says, "Find the joy in the unexpected." Chantelle sells these and other lovely, handmade pieces of jewelry in her Etsy shop, Chantelle Nicole Designs.

A coordinating set of red and green glittery scrolled paper ornaments. I can only guess they were handmade!

Probably the most thoughtful gift of all--a book about Norwegian Christmas traditions and how they have changed since coming to America.

Thanks Chantelle!

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