Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tote-ally Crazy!

I've really gotten swept up in the tote craze this summer. I can't even tell you how many blog posts I've read on customizing tote bags. But I've loved every single one of them! We've had a couple of birthday parties to go to this summer, and that means we've had a couple of birthday presents to think up, and THAT means we've had a couple of tote bags to prettify.
The first birthday party was for a 4-year-old. Being the mom of a few little ones who have plenty of toys already, I didn't want to get this little princess another toy. So we found a cute, hot pink mini tote bag at the craft store, painted on a sunny yellow "j", and filled it with art supplies.

The second birthday party was for a 29-year-old. I wanted to get her something cool and useful, so a grocery-sized tote seemed like the perfect fit. I had a hard time deciding what to put on it. I thought putting the birthday girl's initial seemed a little junior high-ish (although I love a good monogram), and I didn't want to put a peace sign or the earth or the recycling triangle. And then it hit me...a raven!

My husband asked my why I put a raven on Annie's bag. Duh, it's because I thought it would look cool, which I think it does! I googled "raven clip art", looked at the images, and found exactly what I had in mind. You can find it by clicking here. Incidentally, I filled this one with italian sodas, biscotti, herbed flatbread crackers, and a bouquet of flowers.

To make both bags, I used the directions for freezer paper stencils posted on Inchmark here. On both bags I applied 2 coats of paint, letting the first dry before adding the second.


  1. I love how the raven turned out!
    I have always wanted to try freezer paper stencils thanks for the link crafty mama!

  2. Yes that raven does look cool. And even better with the gorgeous peonys popping out! Great job.