Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photos from Bliss Handmade Boutique

After months of planning and creating, our third trip to the Bliss Handmade Boutique is finally and successfully over. We are tired and happy. In case you didn't make it, here's some of what you missed:

Blossom Earrings--we're sold out of black, but still have hot pink, red, cream, coral, and aqua

adorable full and half aprons

colorful bobbi pin trios--1 resin flower, 1 fabric-covered button, and 1 hand-cut, hand-stitched felt bloom with a little green leaf

an amazing turn-out! this picture was NOT taken at the busiest time; there was a time when it was completely packed and you had a hard time getting around to all of the tables!

We are participating in another holiday show in two weeks, Treasured Home in Springfield, OR, December 3rd and 4th from 10am-6pm. Fabric, bags, wall art, bath and body goodies, jewelry, clothes, quilts, holiday decor, and more, plus all of the Max and Ellie stuff you know and love! We'd love to see familiar faces there, so plan on stopping by!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Winter=Happiness

Is it odd that a shopping event made me feel happy inside for a few days? I've been excited for Little Winter for a while now, especially when it became apparent that I could finagle a few things in our hectic family life and actually attend. I was practically giddy just thinking about it all day Saturday, and beside myself on the way there Sunday afternoon. And Little Winter most definitely did not disappoint! It was very, very hard to narrow down my purchases; I wanted to buy so many beautiful things. But out of all of the lovelies, here's what I came away with:

Mossiere's 2011 silkscreened calendar--I had a hard time choosing which lovely print to get, but this Pacific Northwest Flora and Fauna calendar can be trimmed to fit a 12.5x12.5" frame when the year is over. Score! And it reaffirmed my desire to learn how to do calligraphy AND silkscreening.

A yummy cake print from Paul Ferney--I agonized over which cake print to choose for about 5 minutes; they're all so cute.

A God Jul card from Owls Go Hoot for Garment House for my Norwegian grandparents--I only wish I had gone ahead and bought the matching gift tags. :(

Everything about Little Winter was wonderful: the fresh, clean styling; the fantastic location; the window displays; the gift-wrapping. It was just beautiful, and I can't wait for more!